Important: Some doctors below may have begun using generic PC products. To make sure you are receiving the original Plaquex Formula,

check the label on the vial. It must say Anazao Health and Compounded Plaquex®.

Why is this important ?

The formula for Plaquex requires a very specific type of Phosphatidylcholine base ingredient which is a well kept trade secret.

AnazaoHealth knows what ingredient to use. Other PC ingredients can have a lower percentage of PC or unstable PC versions.

This can lead to splitting off of the deoxycholinc acid that is also in the formula to make it soluble. This acid on its own, not bound to PC,

is very aggressive and can cause severe inflammation of the veins and dissolve red blood cells. When this happens kidney damage is

possible. Request to be only given the original Plaquex formula and ask to see the vial. It should look like in the picture.

Bottle new label frontal 1.jpg