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Warning about potentially harmful products

1. We have just been made aware of products claiming to be like Plaquex or Phosphatidylcholine products  that may be harmful. First of all, their content of Deoxycholic acid in relation to the content of Phosphatidylcholine is too high. Second, it is unknown what type and concentration of Phosphatidylcholine was used. Third, the liquid in the vial is not a clear liquid. Infusing such product can be harmful. If the wrong PC is used and/or the DC content is too high, DC can dissociate from PC and in its unbound form, can cause scarring of veins, hemolysis and ultimately kidney and other problems because of hemolysis (dissolution of red blood cells). 

Here is a photo of such a vial that should NEVER be used:


2. PRESERVATIVE FREE compounded PPC: The only way to guarantee sterility is to add the preservative Benzylalcohol. PPC cannot be heated to sterilize it as heating would destroy it. If someone says they use a preservative free PPC, beware. There is no way to guarantee sterility of the product without the preservative.

Only use the original Plaquex product compounded by the FDA approved 503B outsourcing facility AnazaoHealth in the USA or compounded by Smith's pharmacy in Canada. 

DC-PC vial not to use.jpg

The Importance of Maintenance Therapy

                                                                                                                         By Anita Baxas, MD

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